Game Review: Booster Trooper

Game Review Booster Trooper

Game Rating = 3/5

Game Review Summary: Moderately entertaining On-line First Person Shooter

Three Reasons to buy Game Booster Trooper

# 1 Available practice mode
# 2 Various weapon loads for different tactics
# 3 Jetpacks

Three Reasons to avoid buying the Game Booster Trooper

#1 Steep Learning Curve
#2 Unbalanced AI and Bots
#3 Not much new for a FPS

You can download the demo and buy the game at Steam.

Full Game Review:

The downloadable game “Booster Trooper” is yet another entry into the online multiplayer First Person Shooter genre: with jetpacks.

Like all First Person Shooters, game play is relatively simple. You maneuver around a battle space and kill your enemies, using a variety of weapons that you can select. Up close, go for the combat shotgun, far away use the sniper rifle; there is also the chain mini-gun and a rocket launcher. Oh and who could forget the grenades, very useful if you get too close to the bad guys. Also jetpacks, the one new device in the game, are the jetpacks that allow the player to jump high and far over otherwise difficult obstacles.

In the single player mode the player really finds the limitations of the game. The AI seems to almost always stick its bots into inescapable positions, like shallow caves or under other obstacles, making them pretty easy to find. But that doesn’t mean they are easy to kill. The bots are incredibly tough, often taking several rounds to put down. Also they have great targeting skills, being able to wack the player before they are even in sight. By the way, the player seems relatively fragile in comparison, needing only about half the damage to “die”.

Using only the WASD keyboard set-up and the mouse, “Booster Trooper” should be easy to master, but it is surprisingly hard to get your character to do what you want and think you are telling it to do. Also the mouse control for the shooting is very confusing, the player can find themselves shooting over their backs and running blindly forward.

The graphics work pretty well, with the maps having great details and nice texturing. The character animation is pretty and smooth, if not innovative. However, the weapon effects are underwhelming, but the blood fountains look great. The sound is mediocre, the weapons all sound the same and the music is so annoying that the player will soon be turning it off.

This downloadable game is low on creativity and on innovation. Besides the jetpack feature “Booster Trooper” is pretty much like every other FPS on the market.

For $9.99 “Booster Trooper” is a low cost option if you just want to shoot some stuff ,but unless you are just a huge fan of 2D shooters, skip this one.



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