Game Review: Star Ruler

Game Review Star Ruler

Game Rating = 2/5

Game Review Summary: Tedious and confusing 4X Space Strategy Game

Three Reasons to buy Game Star Ruler

#1 Multiplayer mode

# 2 big random galaxies

# 3 in depth Space Combat

Three Reasons to avoid buying the Game Star Ruler

#1 Confusing Interface

#2 Monotonous ship management

# 3 Extreme micro-management

Full Game Review:

The Space 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) games have proliferated lately; Games like “Sins of a Solar Empire” or “Sword of the Stars” have been released with impressive regularity. The downloadable game “Star Ruler” is yet another entry into this over-populated genre.

Of course, in 4X games the idea is to expand throughout the galaxy by finding planets to colonize and by conquering neighboring civilizations, all the while managing your empires resources and strategy to your best advantage. Games like this live and die by the management and strategic interface. Unfortunately, for “Star Ruler” it is mostly “die.”

The interface is amazingly frustrating, for example, there is no way to automate exploration, or to even know which star systems you have explored. The technology research tree is confusing. When you are in the resource interface there is no mini-map, and so on. There seems to be no range limits on your ships, so you can go anywhere and anytime and can colonize any planet; so where is the strategy? Planet development is mostly automated and the player can only influence it a little. It is almost impossible to find out where your ships are at any given time and no planet scroll feature that I could find. And so the list goes on and on of how badly executed this downloadable game is.

The graphics are servable enough. The planets are good looking without being flashy. However, the ships are dark and plain and all look the same. The space black background is boring in the extreme with no highlights. The sound is equally boring and the music is barely acceptable.

The downloadable game “Star Ruler” is low on innovation and creativity. It borrows features from the newer 4X games, but there is not one thing in this downloadable game that a player will not have seen before, and seen better done elsewhere as well.

While ambitious in its attempted scope, the downloadable game “Star Ruler” pretty much falls flat in executing almost all the features in the game. At $19.99 American this game is just not worth it, the buyer’s money could be better spent elsewhere on better done 4X games.

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