Game Review: Alien Dominion

Alien Domination is a good old fashion shoot-em-up space game.

In Alien Domination the player is a gunner aboard a spacecraft. While looking for valuable ores, the ship finds an alien fleet planning to invade Earth. The player’s mission is to destroy the enemy ships so he can get back to Earth and warn the planet.

The action is fast paced as the player must kill hundreds and hundreds of enemy fighters, attack drones and some of enemy’s huge space carriers; which are launching attacking space fighters like a hive of angry hornets you have just poked with a stick. Using the two laser turrets, the player must defend the ship in an all-around, 360 degree battle. Each attack level takes right at ten minutes to finish. After each level the player gets to upgrade his weapons, targeting ability, add shields and repair robots, as they think best. The player must complete six missions to survive and win.

The graphics are really excellent; sharp, clean with good colors and lines. The enemy ships also look ominous and move well and swiftly. The lasers beams are dazzling, sparkling and “precise”.

The heavy metal soundtrack is not so great and can become annoying over time. The player does have a mute option for the music. The storyline, which isn’t much, is told through the cross talk between the pilot and the ship. The voice acting is horrible, sounding like a bad 80’s voice synthesizer from a “computer fear film” and frankly it is also annoying in the extreme.

There is not much new in Alien Domination. The old video arcade game, Tail Gunner from 1979 was much better and at least was original for its time. Space Harrier in 1985 and Sin and Punishment did the same thing again at the start of this century. The developer has evidently spent a lot of its time and energy on the exceptional graphics. But even within the constricted range of a space “rail” shooter, Alien Domination doesn’t show the player much that is new in story, action or play.

If all you want a mindless, yet good-looking, space shooter that lets you kill alien hordes for hours and for a reasonable price then Alien Domination is the game for you. If you want anything more from your gaming experience, then you must look elsewhere.


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