Game Review: Bubble Shooter Premium

“Bubble Shooter Premium” is a downloadable game that is a super-fun and super-addictive combination of “Tetris” and “Brick Breaker”. This is a sequel to the fan favorite “Bubble Shooter”, put out by Absolutist Ltd in 2007. Also unlike most sequels this one is an improvement over the outstanding original game. This game is, bottom line up front: an fun and addictive combo of shooter, puzzle and action game.

The game play is extremely simple: shoot the correctly colored bubbles and they explode to be replaced by more bubbles. The more bubbles you wipe out in one shot the more points you score. Bubbles that are separated from the herd also explode. However, if you miss too many times then new bubbles are added. Clean the board and advance in levels. There are three different game modes: Underwater, Gems and Classic, with 8 bubble skins which give each mode a far different look and feel to the game field as the other modes. The classic mode is the standard field of play. In the Gems and Underwater modes the player may select to design the game field for themselves.

A neat option is the ability to post your high score on the company website and see how you stack up against other player worldwide. There is also a chat feature on the company homepage.

One new feature in “Bubble Shooter Premium” is the multi-player mode where players can face off against each other in a shoot-out mode. This is yet another great addition to the game, and one that is not generally available in other similar games.

Another new feature is the replay mode. After completely a level the play can press the “r” button letting the player replay that level. You could call this the ‘Practice makes perfect” mode. This feature is designed to help the player develop a better understanding of the rules and the subtle strategies of the game.

If this great little game falls down anywhere it is the presentation. The game has okay, if not spectacular graphics and the music never rises above the level of elevator MUSAK. Within the constraints of the game genre this downloadable game is new, different and highly creative, topping even the high level set by the excellent original game.

For a low $19.95 this downloadable game is a great value, with high replayability and is good, simple fun.


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