Game Review: Dachinko

Psychology tells us that the reason gambling is so addictive is the element of random reinforcement. In short, playing to see what happens and to perhaps get a reward is just inherently fascinating to humans.

Dachinko is a pachinko-like game where the player shoots a ball into a round field of tetter-totters, posts and wheels with the objective of landing the ball into one of three bottles. Which one of the bottles the ball settles in decides the rewards the player gets. The blue one gives extra points, the yellow one relieves the pressure that builds up if the ball misses completely and falls through the bottom of the playing field, the green bottle is the main target as the player gets extra balls and helps complete the level quickly.

Besides the regular game play there are two other modes: “Casino”, which is far harder than regular play, with the player having to fill 9 buckets at the bottom in the correct order to receive extra balls and score more points.

The other mode is “Relax” which is very easy. The player merely fires off multiple balls at one time and watches as they careen through the playing level, scoring massive numbers of points.

The player can set the power of each ball launched and the player may influence the path of the ball slightly by right clicking, but mostly after launching the play just watches the ball as it completes its very random path through the level.

If there is any drawback to this downloadable game is that the first levels are far too easy and do not give the player any real satisfaction and other, later levels, are far too hard; the player will shoot all their balls and still not complete the level, having to start over again. But with 55 different levels, this is a minor complaint as the vast majority of levels are just right.

This game gives the player something new with each level. When en levels are completed a game character appears and does a little show for the player. The graphics don’t overwhelming the game play and again fit nicely into the Asian theme of the game.

If someone is looking for a great little time waster, or they enjoy games like Caelum or Peggle that at a low price of $6.99 than a gamer can’t go wrong with the downloadable game, Dachinko.


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