Game Review: Defend and Defeat Kingdoms

Remember the days when knights in shining armor were bold, fought evil and established justice throughout the land. The downloadable game “Defend and Defeat: Kingdoms” tries to recreate these days, but sadly, not very well.

The player is cast in the role of a warlord trying to pull a kingdom back from the brink after the mismanagement of a couple of teenaged monarchs. The player accomplishes this worthy goal by building towns, defending them from the Big Bad, Lord Griffenwald, and accomplishing a set of tasks. The play starts off easy enough with a guide on how to build houses and farms on bare patches of ground. After that the player moves on to other buildings like a sawmill or smithy. Also instructions on how to manage and accumulate resources such as stone or wood are given. The player will need to have a certain level of resources to build the newer buildings. It is here that the required tasks to complete the level are given such as achieving a certain population level, or building a certain number of structures.

Unfortunately for the player, the buildings must be built in lock-step order to complete the missions. This leaves the player with little to decide but where to put the defensive structures. Also the player spends a lot of time twiddling their thumbs as the game plays out. The player must wait for the population to grow, must wait for scouts to find resources, and must wait for other resources to accumulate to build more buildings. Needless to say the game play, even at the more difficult levels soon becomes build, wait, and build, repeat as required cycle.

The graphics are serviceable and look suitably “medieval”. The sound is also a good fit, but you won’t be hunting for the MP3s anytime soon. This downloadable game must be rated low on the creativity and innovation scale. Certainly gamers have seen this same theme and action before with the excellent “Total War: Medieval” and the easier, but equally good “Stronghold”.

Bottom line on “Defend and Defeat: Kingdoms” is that it is not really worth $19.95 unless you like merely watching a game rather than playing it.


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