Game Review: Delve Deeper

Do you long for the days when you could pick up a good downloadable game with some deep playability, but not devote all your waking hours to learning to play the darn thing? “Delve Deep” takes you back to those days.

“Delve Deep” is a turn-based downloadable strategy game with mining being merely the theme of the resource collection and deployment. In the game play, you and your team of hearty dwarves compete not only against the mountain to collect the riches, but also against between 2 to 4 other teams of dwarves trying to do the same thing. When selecting your team you may choose any combination of three different types of dwarves; fast but weak scouts, slow but hardy fighters and the balanced miners. Your original selection effects your strategy, do you go deep and fast, or slower and attack your opponents? Your team members are assigned funny names; like mineral types or a character out of Tolkien. Your decisions determine how and where and how quickly you collect and “cash-in” your treasure.

The graphics are servable if not spectacular, although sometimes the color scheme can make the game play difficult, particularly with yellows and golds nearly fading into the background. The sound is good, sounding much like a cross between “The Hall of the Mountain King” and the soundtrack to a “Lord of the Rings” movie.

The downloadable game is high in creativity and innovation with the interplay of the strengths and weaknesses of the dwarves, battling your opponents and the environment making for some interesting and engaging game play. Also this game has nearly infinite replayablity.

The downloadable game really falls down when it comes to controls; for some reason when tunneling the mouse selection is turned off, which means you must menu-select tunnel connections. The controls are very clunky in other ways as well. Also the selection of the type of material you have to dig thru is not automatic. Further using the number pad to navigate in a hex environment is difficult at best. Lastly, even though full games are usually less than an hour, there is for some reason no game save feature, which means must start over again every time you leave the game.

But honestly for 5 dollars American the downloadable game is entertaining with lots of strategic fun and certainly a “good” waste of time if you have an hour or so to burn.


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