Fun Science Board Games for Kids

Learning and fun should be combined when trying to teach a child. There are several games available that teach science in a fun and engaging way for children of any age.

“The Think Big Science Life Science Game

This game is recommended for children ages 8 and up.  This is a very easy to set-up game. The board has game four levels player must work their way through and then higher by answering a set of questions on various life science subjects such as life cycles of plants and animals. There are two hundred cards which include multiple choice questions as well as graphs and pictures,

“The Totally Gross Game Of Science”

Designed for pre-school aged children, this science board game uses playing pieces, a blob of slime and a series science questions. The players, depending on where they land on the board, may answer questions from either the “professor cards” or the “gross-out cards”.  The questions on the professor cards are science based, where the questions on the gross out cards are more silly and fun. For example the child might be asked to imitate an animal.

“The Planet Quest Game”

This game includes a board that is about a meter and half long. The game is played by moving from planet to planet and answering true or false questions about that planet and space and solar system subjects such as stars and our sun. Players must have gotten cards every planet to win the game.

“The Somebody Board Game”

This game is very adaptable to children of different ages. It has four boards representation of the human body on them.  The children must place various body part pieces correctly on the boards.  They must also answers some questions about human anatomy to win.

Closely related to “The Somebody Board Game” is “The Skeletons in the Closet Game” but in this game the players must assemble a human skeleton with the major bones, in much in the same way they would do so with the organs in “The Somebody Board Game”.  Set up for four players, the players must answer true or false questions about the bones to win. This game is also adaptable for various age groups.

“The Rex Dinosaur Battle Board Game”

This game instructs children about the variety and types of dinosaurs. It comes with thirteen different authentic-looking dinosaur playing pieces, a tough vinyl play surface and a set of three dice. The players win by moving their pieces on the playing surface and getting home safely.


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