Most Popular Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu Pets, sometimes spelled Zu Zu, known in the United Kingdom as Go Go Hamsters are essential robot hamsters.  Originally, there were only four hamsters in the line, this was soon expanded to nine:  Chunk, Jilly, Mr. Squiggles, Nugget, Num Nums, Patches, PipSqueak, Scoodles,  and Winkie.

Due to the massive popularity of the Pets in the 2009 Holiday buying season, prices went up to over $40 dollars in America.  Also many new characters were added to the line.  New hamsters with names like Rocky and Tex, a skunk named Stinker, Fluffy and Sweetie the Bunnies, and Rocco the Raccoon. Also a line of non electronic Baby Zhu Zhu pets was released.

The robotic Pets have three modes: “Sleep mode” in which the little robots are still and quiet. “Nurture mode” in which they “purr” and are easy to hold and pet and last is “Adventure mode”, where they run about, explore and respond to their environment.  Zhu Zhu pets are around $10.00 dollars American or 9 British Pounds.  Various accessories are also for sale such as cars, wheels and a fun house.  Many of these accessories are inter-lockable so that they create custom Zhu Zhu Pets habitats.

The hamsters are still the most popular of all the animals in the collection.

Chunk is a boy hamster. He has white fur and is a calm hamsters, even when set to “Adventure Mode” he is not as active as the others. Chunk is portrayed as a surfer and is often displayed in advertisements on the surf board.

Num Nums is the top girl hamster and is ahead of Chunk in popularity. Considered a toy for girls Num Nums is great for the little lady that wants to cuddles and nurture her Zhu Zhu . A soothing gray color Num Nums is often pictured snuggled up in the carrier and blanket accessory, like a baby doll would be.

Pipsqueek is another boy hamster and is close in popularity with Num Nums.  Pipsqueek is a a soft yellow in color and when set in “Adventure mode” is very rambunctious, running across his environment from one edge and back to the next, stopping for very little.

Without a doubt Mr. Squiggles is all the rage when it comes to Zhu Zhu pet. Over 25 percent of all Pets sales are a Mr. Squiggles. He has been an absolute hit from the start, perhaps because of his natural brown color, making him look like a “real” hamster.

While a big seller in 2009, it is yet to be seen in 2010 if that level of popularity will continue for the Zhu Zhu Pets.


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