The Smartest Dog Breeds

Number 10: The Australian Cattle Dog. This breed was developed in Australia to help the local ranchers herd their vast cattle herds.  These dogs are hard working, with great endurance and high intelligence.

Number 9: The Rottweiler has recently developed a bad reputation as vicious attack dogs. In fact, the Rottweiler only act that way when trained to do so. They are otherwise loving and caring family pets.  They are highly protective and very smart dogs and make excellent guard and police dogs.

Number 8: The Papillon, is the smallest and cutest dog on the list.  At an average 11 pounds, the Papillon are great house dogs. They are smart, biddable and have excellent hearing.

Number 7: The Labrador Retriever is not only very smart, but it is also one of the most popular breeds. Originally designed to hunt waterfowl, they now are being trained as bomb and drug detector dogs. Smart and easily trained “Labs” make great pets and hunting dogs.

Number 6: The Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie was bred in Scotland for herding animals, but they were also used to guard the fold, yard and home.  These very active dogs require lots of regular exercise. They have great hearing and are very protective.

Number 5: The Doberman Pinscher, long trained as guard and police dogs, the Doberman has almost as bad a reputation as the Rottweiler.  But in fact they are gentle and loving dogs, but they are also highly protective of their family.  They are very trainable.

Number 4: The Golden Retriever, the “Goldie” is also a very popular pet dog.  They are great with children and can be trained to perform any number of jobs including as police dogs, rescue dogs, and helper dogs. They are also exceptionally patient animals.

Number 3: The German Shepherd is renowned for its protectiveness and loyal.  They are very trainable, intelligent and obedient. German Shepherds are the first choice for training as police dogs, but they are also trained to be military and rescue dogs.

Number 2: The Poodle, no kidding!  Poodles were originally bred as hunters and guard dogs and still retain the trainability and high intelligence required for those jobs.  Besides being fancy these dogs are loyal and loving too.

Number 1: The Border Collie, the most intelligent of all dog breeds, the Border Collie is a high energy dog, they need to be busy most of the time. Great with kids and super at games like catching a Frisbee or ball games.  They make great pets in a high energy household.


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