Top 10 Weirdest College Majors

Forget about degrees in business or the sciences, instead set your cap on some of the oddest degrees being offered on today’s colleges.

Number 10 is Sports Ministry.  That is right, teaching the “word of God” through sports. This program is taught at Campbellsville University of Campbellsville, Kentucky. It is designed to prepare the student for placement in non-profit organizations that use athletics to teach religion.

Number 9 is Adventure Recreation. Are you the extreme sports type? Do you like rock climbing, water skiing, scuba diving, snowboarding, kayaking? Why not turn your avocation into a career. Green Mountain Collage in Vermont offers both a major and a minor is “Adventure Recreations”. The great thing about this course of study is the student is not confined to those dusty classrooms like other college students.

Number 8 is the Professional Nanny Major. Nannying is offered by Sullivan University as an online degree program. The program claims to produce skilled graduates that are ready to provide in-home child care as a member of a team. It is unclear if classes on flying by means of umbrella or using a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down are included.

Number 7 is Puppetry. The University of Connecticut offers this as a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree program. But this is no Punch and Judy show. The university claims that graduates do more than stick their hands into socks.

Number 6 is Comedy: Writing and Performance from Humber College in Canada.  Actors say comedy is hard, apparently this college thought it was so hard that a degree was required to actually be funny. Classes in this major include; Stand-up, sketch comedy and improvisation.  Hitting someone with a rubber chicken or the correct way to shoot a seltzer bottle was left for self-study.

Number 5 is Golf and Sports Turf Management. Did you ever dreamed of being the greens keeper of a gold course or managing the infield at Yankee’s Stadium, if so this is the major for you. Mississippi State University offers this course of study for those that want to combine a green thumb with the love of sports. However for graduates this major is no joke, the program boast a 90 percent first time job placement rate.

Number 4 is Retail Floristry another offering of the estimable Mississippi State University. This program offers classes in flower wholesaling, event design and advanced gardening. It also can boast a 90 percent graduate placement rate.

Number 3 is Comic Book Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Want to be the next Lichtenstein or Moebius? Then this program is for you. Courses in this major include Digital Coloring for Comic Books and Children’s Book Illustration.

Number 2 is Bowling Center Management from Vincennes University in Indiana. If bowling is in your blood, then this major might be “right up your alley”. Classes include Center Management and Lane Maintenance.

Number 1 is Astrobiology from the University of Glamorgan in Scotland.  Since as far as we know, no life has ever been found beyond the Earth, this degree program offers a wide open field of study, without much practical lab time.


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