Best Blenders for the Home Cook

A food blender is a necessary kitchen tool for any cook. They come with a great variety of features and excellent ones can range in price from $50 dollars all the way to models that cost nearly $500 dollars. A well selected blender can accent a kitchen as a decorative item as well as being a pretty cool and useful gadget.

The Kalorik model: BL24691 features stainless steel blades and two speeds with a pulse function. Also has a large 50 ounce glass jar. Plus it has a futuristic brushed steel look that goes well with almost any kitchen décor.The cost is a very nice $50 dollars

The Oster BPST02-B at just over $60 is a great blender. Designed for use in high use areas such as bars and restaurants, this blender can handle anything the family kitchen can throw at it. With an all metal drive and durable construction this blender is built to last. It also has a 40 ounce scratch resistant glass jar.

At just under $90 dollars the KitchenAid model KSB560WH has five speeds with a hefty 0.9 horsepower motor. It has a large 56 ounce jar and a one piece stainless steel blade. It comes in a wide range of colors from plain white, to black, green and red. One of these colors is bound to match your kitchen.

The Waring Profession Blender (model PBB204) at just under $100 dollars is a tough, yet nice looking blender, that features a 390-watts motor and a 40 ounce glass jar. It can crush ice or do other easier jobs in a very brief time.

The Blendtec Total Blender model TB-611-20. Has a huge 64 ounce jar, features a 3 inch stainless steel blade and a monster 3 horsepower motor. It has touchpad digital controls with preprogrammed action. It comes in either white or black and is by far the most high tech blender on the market. But it is also a hefty $399.99 manfacturers suggested retail price.

At $499.99 MSRP the Vita-Mix CIA Restaurant Commercial Blender is top of the line. A large clear polymer 64 ounce jar and over 1300 watts of power with a ten speed control. This item can chop, mince and crush ice, and can also make soup. Built to last, this blender comes with a seven year warranty and is made in the USA.


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