Best Brands of Kitchen Knives

Knives are an essential part of any kitchen for either the professional chef, or merely the person that wants to cook a meal at home. Getting the right set of knives can ultimately save you money and time. There are many good knife brands at a variety of prices:

For $50 to $100 Dollars:

Victorinox Fibrox 3-Piece Chef’s Knife Set: For a reasonable $70.00 dollars you get a four-inch paring knife, an eight-inch slicer and ten-inch chef’s knife of high carbon steel. This set is made in Switzerland by the same company that makes the famous Swiss Army knives.

Pure Komachi 2 Series 9-Piece Set with Block: Costing a little less than $90 dollars you get a nine piece knife set that includes an eight-inch chef’s knife, an eight-inch bread, six and 1/2-inch Santoku, four-inch tomato/cheese, and 4-inch citrus knives. Also a three and 1/2-inch paring, six-inch utility, and five and 3/4-inch sandwich knives, with a clear acrylic storage block; The knives are uniquely colored to help stop cross contamination of food.

For $100 to $300 Dollars:

Messermeister San Moritz 3-Piece Starter Set: At a nice $159.00 dollars this set is Forged from High Carbon No-Stain molybdenum Vanadium Tool Steel includes damage resistant Polyoxymethaline handle. This set includes an eight-inch Chef’s Knife, eight-inch Utility Knife, and three and ½ inch Paring Knife. Also includes a lifetime warranty and free lifetime sharpening and reconditioning.

For $300 to $500 Dollars:

Global 5-Piece Kitchen Starter Knife Set: Costing $300 dollars this set features an eight-inch chef’s knife, an eight and quarter inch carving knife, eight and 3/4 inch serrated bread knife, five and half inch utility knife and a four-inch paring knife. Blades are made of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel with Stainless-steel handles molded for comfort and dimpled for safe grip. This set does not include a block for storage.

Shun Classic 7-Piece Block Set: At $499.99 this is a premium set of knives, but are well worth the cost. Shun knives are top of the line. This set features: an eight-inch chef’s knife, a nine-inch bread knife, a three and 1/2-inch paring knife, six-inch utility knife, sharpening steel, and Taskmaster shears, in a nice 11-slot bamboo block. The knives are high-carbon stainless-steel blades with 16 layers of stainless alloy. They are made in Japan and come with a lifetime warranty.


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