Cell Phones Do Not Cause Brain Tumors

Can use of cell phones cause brain tumors?

The bottom line up front on this is an emphatic “no”. Not only can the low level of Electro-Magnetic radiation from a cell phone not cause cancer, neither can high power lines nor can wi-fi.

Radiation can indeed cause cancers, but it must be the high energy radiation such as Ultraviolet, X-ray or Gamma rays parts of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum. After all there is a reason you should wear sun screen, wear a lead apron when getting a dental X-ray and you never want to have anything to do with Gamma rays if you can avoid them. Simply put, cell phones do not put out enough energy to break the DNA bonds that can lead to cancer. Think of it this way; a high speed bullet is going to do far more damage than a softball thrown by a child. Above the UV range is the high velocity bullet the EMF generated by a cell phone is the softball.

Or as S.T. Lakshmikumar puts it: “Unless one is willing to discard the concept of photons, Planck’s law, and the interaction between photons and atoms—and thus the entire body of quantum physics—it is simply not possible for the photons associated with either a power line or a cell phone to cause cancer.”

For well over a decade good, long term well controlled studies have confirmed again and again that exposure to electromagnetic fields do not cause a significant increase in cancers. For example 1997’s states: “Children exposed to electromagnetic fields by living near electrical power lines are not more susceptible to developing leukemia, a study released Wednesday shows.”

A long term study of brain cancers in Scandinavian countries showed no increase from before cell phone use became wide spread and after they did.

Generally the studies that showed a connection were too small or poorly done to be of value. Some of the better known studies showing a causal link between EMF and cancers or other illnesses were outright fraudulent. Robert P. Liburdy, Ph.D. of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was found to have falsified data on at least two of his papers that showed such a link.

Earlier this year another large scale study was released. This study used an interview-based case–control study with 2708 glioma and 2409 meningioma cases and matched controls was conducted in 13 countries.



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