Organizing Coupons

Organizing and arranging your coupons is easy and will save you a lot of time at the store. Using coupons can also save you lots of money shopping, so don’t be afraid to clip and save.

The first rule of organizing your coupons is to get something in which to organize them. Your local dollar store will have small, hand sized expanding multi-pocket folders. A kid’s pencil holder will do as well or even a used man’s wallet.

Some home economist suggest that you only use coupons for items that you know you need and will use. It is not cost effective if you use a one dollar coupon on an eight dollar item, then never use or consume the item.

Now think about how you shop. Do you go the same way in and through the store the same way every time? Most people do, even if they don’t realize it. However you do it, the best way to organize your coupons is the way you shop. So for example, if you go to the bakery goods first, then put those coupons at the front. Most grocery stores organize shelving by association, so for example, the coffee is near the sugar and breakfast cereals. Bread is usually near the peanut butter and jelly and so on. So collate your coupons the same way.

So think of it this way: You buy bread first, followed by canned goods, cereal, coffee, juice, frozen foods, meat and milk last. So your coupons should be, front to back, arranged the same way. Once you get you item, put the associated coupon in your basket, so you don’t forget any of them at the end when you check out.

Or you can arrange your coupons by the sale items in your local store flyer. Some shoppers are only interested in the weekly sales; those kinds of shoppers should organize coupons physically in or on the sale flyer. What that does is match the assembled coupons right with the sale item. They can also use the folded sale flyer as a pouch to keep the coupons to use. Taking the coupon out of the flyer as they place the item in the shopping cart and putting the coupon right on top or next to the item, again so the coupons are not forgotten at check out time.

However a shopper chooses to organize their coupons it should be easy for them and help them remember to use the coupons and save that all important dollar.


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