Top 10 Rarest Beanie Babies

Ty Beanie Babies were released to the public in 1993, but did not become a hot toy or a real collectable item until 1999. The collecting craze has dropped off recently, but some people continue to collect and trade the Beanie Babies and there is a considerable secondary and auction market for the collectable Beanies.

As with many collectables the condition of the article decides part of its value.  With Beanie Babies, if the tag is still attached the value is much higher then if the tag is gone. Beanie babies with tags removed are worth on average about half of the value of those with the tags still attached.

As with some coins and also some stamps, mistakes in manufacturing that are later corrected are valuable since the mistakes are rare. Also limited editions are value as are older Beanie Babies.   For example three of the original line of nine Beanies are among the ten rarest.

Number Ten:  Spot the Dog, without the spot was released in 1993. Over 4 million were produced, of which 1500 were shipped without the spot.  Estimated value is $1,900 dollars.

Number Nine:  Humphrey the Camel released in June of 1994 Only 25,000 were ever made. Estimated value is about  $2,000 dollars

Number Eight:  Peking the Panda Bear, Introduced in June of 1994. This Beanie is the only Baby made with cloth eyes. All other Beanies have black bead eyes.

Number Seven:  Quacker the Duck made without wings, made in 1994; 780 were made and shipped without wings.  Later copies included the wings. A Wingless Quacker is worth about $2,000 dollars.

Number Six: Derby the Fine Mane Horse, released in Mid-1995. The mane on this Beanie has twenty relative fine strands.  This was later changed to be only eight stands of ‘hair’ for the mane. The 20 strand version is rare and is valued at about  $2,200 dollars.

Number Five: The Brown Teddy, Old Face made in June 1994.  The “Old Face” on this bear has a triangular nose with round eyes on either side.  These bears were made without birthdays or poems included. Valued around $2,800 dollars.

Number Four: Brownie the Brown Bear, one of the original run of Beanies made in 1993. Brownie’s name was later changed to Cubbie.  An original Brownie the Bear runs a nice $3,600 dollars today.

Number Three: Puncher the Lobster, again one of the first nine made in 1993. The name Puncher was changed to Pincher, which was supposed to be the name from the start. A Puncher is valued at around $3,800 dollars.

Number Two:  Nana the Monkey released in 1995 was later renamed as “Bongo the Monkey”. A Nana runs a hefty $4,000 dollars.

Number One: Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant released in 1995;  a manufacturing mistake made a run of 2000 in lighter shade of blue than the remainder. An unknown number of these “mistakes” still exist. If a collector can find one it is worth about $4,500.



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