Best Indoor Grills

There are several indoor grills in a wide range of prices with an equally wide range of different features.

There are open-faced grills and contact grills: The opened faced grills cook similar to traditional outdoor grills that is to say they cook only one side at a time with the top open. In a contact grill, the lid is also a cooking surface allowing for both side of the food to cook at once.

George Foreman Gr10abw Champ Indoor Grill: This grill is the update of the original George Foreman. Easy to use and easy to clean, this machine isn’t great but is adequate and for the very low price of $35 dollars, it is hard to beat for a basic grill.

The Sanyo Nonstick Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill: This opened face grill is priced at about $50.00 dollars has a huge cooking area of 200 square inches. It also has a water filled drip pan that prevents grease from burning and also prevents the grill from smoking. With the large cooking surface a cook can prepare a whole meal on it alone.

Hamilton Beach 25285H Meal Maker Express Contact Grill: At about $55.00 dollars, this is the ideal grill for a couple. It has a relatively small 60 square inches of cooking surface, but it heats up very quickly. The design is flexible, permitting a cook to pretty much grill anything on it. The cooking surfaces are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Delonghi BG-24 indoor open faced grill: Priced a $59.99, this grill features removable grill surfaces. It has a nice 140 square inches of cooking area and superb fat drainage. Another feature of this model is the “aroma scenter” which allows you to add aromatic spices to the food while cooking giving a nice addition to the flavor of the grilled food.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric opened faced Grill: Priced at $93.99 dollars this grill is a rather pricey. It is easy to clean, heats up fast with a 1300 watt heating element and a 96 square inches cooking surface. This grill features handles and an insulated base making it easy to move even while hot.

Last is the Breville Die-Cast Series 800GRXL Contact Grill: At a $199.99 dollars this is a very costly grill. This grill also functions as a Panini sandwich press, but also can be opened to an gargantuan 370 square inches of non-stick and scratch resistant cooking surface. With a nice 1500 Watts of heating power, this grill heats fast.


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