Something different from the Grill

Who doesn’t love that perfectly grilled steak, or that juicy hamburger straight from the grill? Also the chicken breasts and those spicy sausages those are also so tasty coming hot off the grill. But many other foods are excellent cooked on the grill as well.

Veggies: Many vegetables are very good for grilling. Asparagus is an excellent vegetable for grilling, douse in some olive oil sprinkle with some salt and pepper and put on the grill. If you are concerned about the pieces falling through the grate, use a solid cooking surface grill like the George Forman-style indoor units.

Summer squash, cucumber and zucchini can be sliced lengthwise add a splash of olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper, put on the grill and turn when a side is a light golden brown. Another way to do these kinds of vegetables is to cut into chunks and put on a skewer, season to taste and then lay on the grill.

Whole ears of corn can be grilled as well. Merely husk the ear and lay it strait on the cooking surface, turn until golden brown on all sides.

Fruits: Many fruits can be a tasty and healthy addition to your cook out.

Pineapples can be sliced either lengthwise, crosswise or into chunks and put on the grill. Sprinkled with a bit of brown sugar can make it an even sweeter treat. If cut into chunks the pieces must be skewered, and can be cooked with some green or red pepper pieces to create a sweet and spicy combination.

Pears can be cored and sliced in half for a tasty treat that can be quickly grilled. Firm tomatoes can also be sliced in half and grilled the same way as pears.

Mushrooms: mushrooms make a great add on to many meals.

Portabello mushrooms make a great meat replacement for vegetarians and may be grilled whole just like burgers. There are many good marinade recipes for Portabello mushrooms that can make them taste much like meat.

White button mushrooms or brown mushroom or other similar mushrooms can be either cut into chunks or added whole to any of the skewers described above.

A meal cooked on the grill need not be “the same old thing”. A little thought and the desire to be a little creative can enhance any cook-out with something new and different.


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