The Best Portable Grills

Several well designed, durable with good sized cooking area portable grills are available with a variety of features and at almost any price point.

So from least to most expensive:

The Weber Smokey Joe Gold Grill is a smaller version of the classic Weber Kettle Grill. This grill is a great value at under $50 dollars. Capable of cooking six burgers at once, this unit has a locking top and will last for years.

The Cobb Premier Grill can cook for up to three hours on eight charcoal briquettes. With only twelve inches of cooking surface, this grill is a bit small, but can still handle a whole chicken. This is another grill that stays cool enough on the outside to move, while the inside stays hot. Cost $139.95

The Grill-4-All is an easy to handle 15 pounds. It has an all stainless steel construction that will last a very long time. With a deeply traditional design this unit has multiple fuel options being able to use gas, charcoal or electric. This grill heats up fast and is easy to clean; always a bonus in a grill. Costs $199.95

The Char-Broil Grill 2 Go is the grill designed to provide for all a grill-masters outside cooking needs; the two cooking grates can be changed out with flat iron griddles to cook pancakes as easily as it grills burgers. It can be folded down and wheel around easily. Costs $199.99

Last but not least is the Weber Q-220 Portable Grill. Weber is the company that practically invented backyard grilling. This little jewel of a grill, less than 32 inches long, has a good sized 280 square inch cooking surface. Its unique design is award winning and at under $200. It also provides the usual Weber quality and durability.

The Holland Companion Grill has a patented “no flare” system and with all stainless steel construction this great little grill is a good little unit. Propane fueled with 200 square inches of cooking surface, an unique dual shell construction keeps the outside cool while the inside maintains high cooking temperatures. It costs $249.

The Napoleon Prestige II Freestyle Portable Gas Grill is built from heavy gauge stainless steel with a healthy 215 square inches of main cooking area also has fold-up rack that can give some more cooking area. But at a hefty $300 dollars this is not a cheap grill.


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