Top 5 Craziest Peta Publicity Stunts

Wow, only having to pick just five, now that is tough. PETA, as much as the organization may actually care for animal welfare, simply pulls some of the downright nuttiest attention getting events and campaigns in history. Also, since some of these events involve pretty women wearing little or nothing, like “The Running of the Nudes “ in Pamplona or “National Veggie Dog Day on Capitol Hill” with Playboy Playmates in lettuce leaf bikinis giving out veggie hotdogs to congressmen. What could possibly go wrong?

What indeed?

So in no particular order:

The Holocaust on Your Plate Campaign: Sixty-square-feet of contrasting pictures of chickens in cages and stacked up pig carcasses with pictures of holocaust victims certainly got them attention and angered a good number of Jews worldwide. And of course PETA, feeling it wasn’t going to get enough attention by doing that alone, they took the campaign straight to Germany were it was assured to offend the absolute maximum number of people possible.

Animals = Slaves: PETA, not satisfied with offending one minority, went all in with this campaign. Featuring pictures of child laborers and slaves next to pictures of working elephants and butcher cows; this one offended African-Americans and it took the NAACP to put a stop to it.

Sea Kittens: The attempt to rename fish as sea kittens. Because you see, we don’t eat kittens. This try at renaming fell flat. Hard to picture Captain Sig and the guys from “The Deadliest Catch” being called “sea kitten-men” instead of fishermen.

The Christmas Fur Is Dead Campaign: Nationwide, PETA members dressed as stuffed animals, gave children free copies of a comic book. The only requirement to get the comic book was mom had to be wearing fur. Pretty nice of PETA; except the name of the comic was “Your Mommy Kills Animals!” Full of graphic pictures of skinned animals and with text like: “How would you feel if someone took away your kitty or puppy, stomped on their head and ripped the skin off their bodies? One of those terrible people is your mommy.”

President of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk’s will: Newkirk  went public with her will in 2010. Some of her last wishes are to: use her skin to make a nice handbag, to use her legs to make an umbrella stand (or would it be two stands) and send several of her dead body parts to some of PETA’s opposition groups (pretty sure this is against postal regulations).


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