Book Review: The Choice by Susan Lewis

Nikki Grant is living the nearly perfect life. She has a man that loves her and she loves back. She has close friends that also love and support her. When Nikki finds she is pregnant with her first child, she could not be happier, rightly thinking that child can only add to her happy life. However, Nikki’s rather controlling parents do not approve of her choices and when the child enters the picture the tension is ratcheted up. This situation is the basic set up for The Choice by Susan Lewis.

Published in 2010, The Choice is one of more than thirty books by the best selling British author, Susan Lewis. Other books by the writer are Don’t Let me Go, Out of the Shadows and No Child of Mine.

Nikki lives with her boyfriend and love of her life, Spencer (Spence) James and three other of her closest friends: Danny, David and Kristen, in one house. The five-some are all young and talented people looking to make it in world of film making. Nikki’s parents do not approve of her friends, her boyfriend or her lifestyle at all and they make that very clear. Nikki is determined to live her own life on her own terms and so is nearly totally estranged from her mother and father. When Nikki finds she is expecting, she chooses to try once again to make a connection with her parents. The attempt fails and Nikki and her parents grow even further apart.

A short film the five friends collaborated on catches the attention of Mr. Drake, a power in the film making industry. Drake offers a chance and a lot of money to Spence, David, Danny and Kristen to develop the project for him. This gives Spencer the chance to provide a good life for Nikki and their child. Even though this makes the four leave Nikki in the house while they work in London, everything seems to be coming together for them. Nikki gives birth to a healthy boy, whom she names Zac. But tragedy soon strikes the new mother and father, forcing horrible choices on Nikki and her friends.

The book is written with real emotion and with an eye to the reality of the situation in which the characters find themselves. However the prose is a bit uneven and sometimes drags. At more than 500 pages The Choice is a long and heavy read for those looking for a mere entertainment.


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