Book Review: Wait For Me by Elisabeth Naughton

Wait For Me is an unassuming little potboiler of a novel by Elisabeth Naughton. This book is part romance, part mystery, part suspense and all melodrama.

Kate Alexander was the victim of a horrible car accident and is in a coma for a year and a half. When she wakes up, she has completely lost her memory. Kate’s husband, Jake, who is a medical doctor, has been supervising her care. Jake has also been trying to help her re-enter her life by filling in the blanks in her memory. Kate also has 4-year-old son, Reed. Of course, she has no memories of her little boy. Kate is very unhappy in her marriage. But naturally thinks this is because of the accident and her memory loss.

While planning an anniversary celebration for her and Jake, she learns that Jake has died in a terrible airplane accident in San Francisco. Kate begins to go through her late husband’s private papers and effects. She finds some strange medical bills for her care at a California nursing home. The couple lived in Houston, Texas. These bills are strange because Jake told Kate that the accident took place in Texas, so why should the bills be from California? Also the bills are nearly three years old, when the accident was supposed to be only 18 months ago. Kate also finds a photograph of a little girl who appears to be about 5 years old in the picture and has a strong resemblance to Kate.

Ryan Harrison rushes home from a trip after hearing the news of an airplane accident that has happened near where he lives. He is worried about how this news will affect his young daughter. Ryan’s wife, Annie, was killed in a similar accident some five years before this. Since his wife was killed, Harrison has dedicated his life to his work and his daughter. He is now a very wealthy and successful business man running a huge pharmaceutical company. But for all of this, he still misses the love of his life.

In Houston, Kate starts to explore her puzzling accident. This leads her to California and to Ryan Harrison. These two separate lives now collide.

Naughton’s prose is straightforward and uncomplicated; this book is a quick and very easy read. However, it also has plot holes that the reader could drive a school bus through. Further, some of the language is exceedingly rough and there are a large number of seriously smutty, but strangely un-erotic, sex scenes in the book. To enjoy this book the reader must be willing to suspend their disbelief and just take the ride, but if the reader is looking for deep meaning, or even logic, this book is not for them.


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