Cozy Catastrophes, Or Stay Calm and Carry On, Apocalyptic Science Fiction in Post-War Britain


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Calendar Year 2018 Publications


    • “The Rise and Decline of Civic Militarism in the West” Paper Presented at MOWW November 2018
    • “The Kasham Turkey Shoot” Modern War Magazine Nov- Dec 2018
    • “The Day Sparta Fell: 371BC Battle of Leuctra” Military History Magazine Nov. 2018
    • “Bob Denard: Warrior King and Pirate of the Republic” Modern War Magazine Sep – Oct 2018
    • “Hawaiian Unification: The Campaigns of Kamehameha the Great”, Strategy and Tactics Magazine, Sep- Oct 2018.
    • “Operation: Armageddon: Ireland’s Plans to Invade Ulster” Modern War Magazine, Jul – Aug 2018
    • “Cynoscephalae: Legion versus Phalanx 197 BC” Strategy and Tactics Jul-Aug 2018
    • “The Hunt for Bin Laden” Modern War Magazine, May-Jun 2018
    • “Afghanistan ’11-Game Review” Modern War Magazine Jan-Feb 2018
    • Non-Fiction
  • “World Ships in Science and Science Fiction” New Myths Magazine Sep, 2018
  • “Generation Ships: The Science and Fiction of Interstellar Travel” Electric Athenaeum Apr. 2018


Original Fiction

  • “Bedwyr and Caliburn after Camlann” Fantasy Short Stories Anthology: Book One, August 2018
  • “Passing the Hammer” Aurora Wolf, July 2018
  • “Mantyger’ Mother” Aurora Wolf, March 2018
  • “Steel Samurai” Beyond Steampunk February 2018
  • “Partners in Life” Mind Candy, February 2018

Reprinted Fiction

  • “Hoplite: Jouth November 2018
  • “Kindness of his Enemy” FFP Podcast June 2018
  • “WASPS”, Odd Tales of Wonder, April 2018