Common Sexual Turnoffs for Men

It is a universal myth among women that men are always ready for sex and that they, men will pretty much go to bed with anyone that shows them the slightest interest. But men know that is simply not the truth.  Men can be and often are turned off by what women do and how they act.

Personal Hygiene issues:

Nothing kills the mood faster than bad breath, dirty hair or vaginal odors. Now guys don’t mind honest athletic sweat and certainly you shouldn’t have to spend three hours in the bathroom to get ready for sex. But, really how much time does it take to get a shower, brush your teeth and spray on a bit of perfume?

The Director:  Men like honest and open communication in bed. We certainly don’t mind a little direction, like “go faster” or “that feels great” or “slow down a bit we have all night” but there are ladies out there that feel the need to tell their lovers EVERYTHING to do.  “Do this first, then this next”, “You’re going to fast” or “too slow”. It is all too much. What a turn off.

The dead fish:  This is the number one turn off for men.  Women who are not responsive or helpful; who just lay there are no fun.  Maybe in the 60’s this what women were advise to do, but this is the 21st Century women are supposed to like sex now, so how about showing it in the bed room?

The faker:  Again maybe 40 years ago it was acceptable to fake your orgasm, but unless you’re a Meryl Streep level actress you are not fooling your guy.  Needless to say, men much prefer that their lady just be honest and tell them that they are not in the mood, or too tired or what ever rather than fake it.

Unattractive underwear: Seriously, while it is a matter of taste for men and a matter of what kind of butt their lady has, some men like boi shorts on their lover, other like thongs, but most men are not turned on by the white cotton granny panties (although a few probably are). Talk to your guy about what kind he likes to see you in and wear them.

The unfocused: When you are getting all passionate with your guy, don’t suddenly start talking about the mortgage of having to get the oil changed in your car.  You are supposed to be focused on the moment, about making love with your guy, not if you shut off your work PC before you left the office.