Guide to Collecting Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action Figures

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (BtVS) was  selected by TV guide as one of the best 50 TV series of all time.  Featuring the adventures of Buffy Summers, teenage girl, high school student and monster hunter, along with her band of helpers, called the “Scooby Gang”. The series lasted for seven seasons and spawned an incredible number of action figures.

Without a doubt the most popular figure from the series in the girl herself, Buffy  Summers

The Season 1 Buffy  Summers :  based on Buffy’s  from first season. The figure comes with two stakes, a silver dagger and a crossbow.

“Welcome to the Hellmouth Buffy.”  Available only from Moore Action Collectibles.  It adds a Vampyr book to the accessories listed above.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer Second Series (2000)

2nd Season Buffy Summers. Only available from  Toyfare. This figure has two stakes, dagger,  hammer and  sword, with a pistol crossbow.

3rd Season  Buffy Summers . This Buffy has two stakes, an ax, a pistol crossbow, and a Hunga Munga.  The  base is a graveyard.

5th Season  “Intervention Buffy-bot”.   The Buffybot has the ax, battery and a stake.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Deluxe Figures from 2005:  “Graduation Day Buffy” is a Deluxe Buffy action figure. This figure is dressed in red leather pants, black top and Black leather jacket.  It comes with a diploma, handcuffs and Sunnydale Highschool year book.

“Buffy”:  This Buffy deluxe figure has a pool cue and a stake. It wears red top and black jeans.

“End of Days Buffy”” This figure has a Slayer’s Scythe and a stake and wears blue jeans jacket and green pants.

7th  Series  Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 2006:

“Chosen” Buffy”.  This figure has a stake, the Slayer’s Scythe with a Sunnydale High base for display.

“Nightmares Buffy”.  This figure has a book of spiders and a bag, and comes with a hospital base. .

“Buffy Summers. This figure includes two pom-poms, Katherine the Great’s trophy, stake and a Sunnydale High gymnasium play base. She is sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios.

“Primeval Buffy”:  includes an tazer gun,  an ax, and Adam’s power source with and Initiative base.

“Buffy versus Dracula Buffy” comes with an ax, a battery, a stake.

“The Prom Buffy”. Come with the Class Protector umbrella and has Prom base.