Top 10 Rarest Dog Breeds

Dogs were the first domesticated animals. Some scientists’ think they were tamed as long as 12,000 years ago. Since then, humans have selectively bred dogs to produce literally hundreds of different breeds.

Number Ten: Catalburun, Also called the Turkish Pointer. This dog is famous for its split nose. The split nose is believed to give this dog better hunting ability than regular a nose. These dogs are generally unknown outside of their homeland of Anatolia.

Number Nine: Mudi, Also called the Hungarian Herder. This is midsized dog renowned in Hungary for its agility and superior herding abilities. There is a Mudi club in North American but this breed is still very rare outside of Hungary.

Number Eight: The Thai Ridgeback. The Thia Ridgeback has a ridge of hair that grows against the grain like the more famous Rhodesian Ridgeback. Brought to America in 1994, in its native Thailand, this dog is used to guard homes and livestock.

Number Seven: The Norwegian Lundehund: This companion to the Vikings is a skilled and agile hunter. Unfortunately, in breeding has led to serious stomach and bowel issues for this dog which often shortens their lives.

Number Six: The Carolina Dog also called the American Dingo. This breed is related to the Australian Dingo and other primitive breeds. Used as hunters and guard dogs primarily in the American South East.

Number Five: Tibetan Mastiff. These huge dogs, the males can weigh as much as 170 pounds, were bred in the Himalayans has guard dogs for homes, temples and herds. They have recently been bred for better temperament.

Number Four: The Azawakh is very rare in America, with less than two hundred known to live there. Bred to hunt fast prey, like gazelles, by sight and with speed, Azawakh are highly prized in their native Africa.

Number Three: The Otterhound. This breed can be traced back to Europe in the 12 Century when hunting otters was a pastime for the nobility. When otter hunging was banned these dogs became house pets. Currently there are about 300 Otterhounds in North America.

Number Two: Stabyhoun. Used as a pointer, retriever and gun dog in its native Holland. Only about 100 exist in the US today.

Number One: The Chinook Dog, is the descent of a single sled dog, in 1981 this breed was down to 11 breeding dogs. Since then a few dedicated breeders have brought this breed back from the brink.


Best Dog Breeds for Bird Hunting

The Airedale is often called “the King of the Terriers.”  The Airey is a great dog for hunting both waterfowl and upland birds as well.  A medium built dog with a curly weather resistant coat.  The Airedales have a gentle temperament with members of their family, but the spirit, determination and courage to hunt in all kinds of foul condition and also to guard their homes and families if required.  Averaging about 55 pounds, the Airey is an intelligent and active dog that requires regular exercise and lots of attention from their family.

The English Springer Spaniels:  Little thought of as hunting dogs Springers got their name from springing or flushing birds out of hiding. Slightly smaller than the Airedale at 40 to 50 pounds, they have strong legs and lots of energy to take them through long days of hunting.  Breed to hunt by site and then flush the game birds, it also has a soft mouth grip and can be trained to retrieve birds as well.    Intelligent and trainable Springers can be taught to hunt in a variety of game birds.  Their two layered coat with a short undercoat and longer overcoat these dogs can tolerate a wide range of field conditions.

English Setters: are the top bird dogs in England. They have the best traits of both spaniels and pointers.  Using their excellent sense of smell they will crouch next to the prey rather than flush it like a springer.  They have lots of stamina to hunt all day across difficult terrain.  Active and energetic these dogs require lots of exercise.  These intelligent dogs along with their related breeds; the Gordon Setter and Irish Setter will all make excellent gun dog as well as excellent companion dogs.   All these breeds average about 50 to 60 pounds.

German Shorthaired Pointers: These pointers are highly intelligent and easily trained. While primarily used to hunt upland birds, they can also be used to hunt waterfowl as well as land mammals, up to the size of deer.   Another medium sized breed at between 60 and 70 pounds when fully grown.  These dogs have an excellent sense of smell and will locate the prey and then point and wait for the hunter to flush the prey. Also renowned for its athletic ability these dogs range far ahead of the hunter to find the prey.

Labrador Retrievers and their cousins, the Golden Retrievers are among the most popular breeds in America. Best known as water dogs and, of course, retrievers, both these breeds are great all around bird dogs.  They are equally at home in that cold pond going after duck as they are in the open fields going after quail.  Averaging about 65-75 pounds with lovely coloring as well as highly intelligent and eager to please, these dogs are very trainable and make great house pets as well as excellent hunting dogs.


The Smartest Dog Breeds

Number 10: The Australian Cattle Dog. This breed was developed in Australia to help the local ranchers herd their vast cattle herds.  These dogs are hard working, with great endurance and high intelligence.

Number 9: The Rottweiler has recently developed a bad reputation as vicious attack dogs. In fact, the Rottweiler only act that way when trained to do so. They are otherwise loving and caring family pets.  They are highly protective and very smart dogs and make excellent guard and police dogs.

Number 8: The Papillon, is the smallest and cutest dog on the list.  At an average 11 pounds, the Papillon are great house dogs. They are smart, biddable and have excellent hearing.

Number 7: The Labrador Retriever is not only very smart, but it is also one of the most popular breeds. Originally designed to hunt waterfowl, they now are being trained as bomb and drug detector dogs. Smart and easily trained “Labs” make great pets and hunting dogs.

Number 6: The Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie was bred in Scotland for herding animals, but they were also used to guard the fold, yard and home.  These very active dogs require lots of regular exercise. They have great hearing and are very protective.

Number 5: The Doberman Pinscher, long trained as guard and police dogs, the Doberman has almost as bad a reputation as the Rottweiler.  But in fact they are gentle and loving dogs, but they are also highly protective of their family.  They are very trainable.

Number 4: The Golden Retriever, the “Goldie” is also a very popular pet dog.  They are great with children and can be trained to perform any number of jobs including as police dogs, rescue dogs, and helper dogs. They are also exceptionally patient animals.

Number 3: The German Shepherd is renowned for its protectiveness and loyal.  They are very trainable, intelligent and obedient. German Shepherds are the first choice for training as police dogs, but they are also trained to be military and rescue dogs.

Number 2: The Poodle, no kidding!  Poodles were originally bred as hunters and guard dogs and still retain the trainability and high intelligence required for those jobs.  Besides being fancy these dogs are loyal and loving too.

Number 1: The Border Collie, the most intelligent of all dog breeds, the Border Collie is a high energy dog, they need to be busy most of the time. Great with kids and super at games like catching a Frisbee or ball games.  They make great pets in a high energy household.