Guide to Collecting GI Joe Action Figures

GI Joe was introduced in 1964 by the Hasbro Toy Company and was the very first action figure.

Starting with only four figures (Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Pilot) and some seventy-five addition items such as weapons, helmets and uniforms.  In 1965 an African-America Joe was introduced, followed in 1967 with talking Joes and the only female Joe, the G. I. Joe Nurse figure.  In 1977 the original 12 inch tall figures were reduced to 8 inches in size, and then in 1978 the line was discontinued.   In the early 80’s the line was restarted as 3 and ¾ inch figures; these figures came from characters from the 1980’s Cartoon show. The cartoon was a series of adventures as G I Joe fought the evil Cobra organization.

Since its debut in 1964 the GI Joe line has generated hundreds of action figures, thousands of additional items, a cartoon series and two big screen movies.

The single most expensive action figure in the world is the Prototype GI Joe from the Hasbro Company which cost $200,000 dollars in 2003 and now resides at the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore. The Joe prototype is dressed in a hand sown OD green Sergeant’s uniform and has a plastic M-1 “steel pot” styled helmet and canteen, but no weapons.

Of course, the most of the rest of the collectible G I Joe figures are valued at much less than $200,000, also, of course, the most collectible and priciest figures are the older 12 inch figures and generally the more rare the figure, the more it costs.  Also very collectible and valuable are the various play sets.

The Prices below are for those figures and sets still in mint condition:

The Shore Patrol Equipment Set released in 1967 worth about $3500 dollars.

The Talking landing Signal Officer Set from 1968 also valued at about $3500 dollars.

The Crash Crew Fire Truck Vehicle Set released in 1967 also valued at about $3500 dollars.

The Dress Parade Adventure Pack from 1968 also about $3500 dollars.

The Talking Shore Patrol Set also made in 1968 also about $3500 dollars.

The Military Police Equipment Set from 1967 valued at $3500 dollars.

The Army Adventure Pack, Bivouac Equipment Set from 1968 valued at $3500 dollars.

The Flying Space Adventure Set made in 1970 is valued at $3700 dollars.

The Canadian Mountie Set was sold only through Sears Stores in 1967 is worth $4000 dollars.

The Action Soldiers of the World Talking Adventure Pack from 1968 is worth $5000 dollars.

And the crème de la crème of Joe Collecting is the G. I. Joe Nurse from 1967 and is valued at $5000 or more.


Justin Moen “Toys & Prices 2010”  Krause Publications, 2009.