Top 10 Rarest Action Figures

Action figures are dolls for boys (and men). The whole collectable action figure craze was set off by the release of the Star War’s “Early Bird” figures in 1977. Since then action figures have become endemic; every movie and TV show seems to have released its own set of action figures. The rarity of any item is also represented by its value at auction.

The Mego Company, before Kenner released the Star Wars toys was, THE Company for action figures. It produced action figure lines for the Marvel Super heroes, Kiss and even Sonny and Cher. The Mego Elastic collection produced in the late 1970’s rate among the rarest toys still extant.

Number ten: The Mego Elastic Spiderman, of which only 18 are known to exist and all of them are in less than mint condition.

Numbers nine, eight and seven: The “Telescoping Lightsaber” Darth Vader, Obi-wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker released as an “Early Bird” set of Kenner Star Wars toys. These figures had a small two piece lightsaber that would emerge from the hollow arms. The two piece lightsaber was easily broken and hard to manufacture, so in later versions of the toys, it was replaced by a one piece lightsaber. Only a few hundred of these figures were ever made. Last estimates are that about 15 of each of these figures still exist in the box.

Number six: Mego Elastic Incredible Hulk is the most sought after of all the Mego Elastics even though nine are currently known to exist making them less rare than the Superman and Batman action figures.

Number five: The Mego Company Elastic Superman of which only 5 or 6 are known to exist.

Number four: The rarest single action figure from the Mego Company is the mint Elastic Batman figure of which only two are known to exist; one sold for over $15,000 dollars in 2006.

Number three: The Robin Mego Figure with the Kresge Card only one known to exist and sold at auction for more than $12,000 dollars at auction in 2006.

Number two: The prototype G. I Joe. There is only one in the world. It cost $200,000 dollar when last sold. It now resides at the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore. This Joe is 11 ½ inches tall and wears a handmade Olive Drab Sergeant’s uniform with a plastic M-1 “steel pot” helmet.

Number one: The Vlix action figure from the short lived Star Wars Droid’s Cartoon series. This action figure is so rare no one is sure one even still exists in mint condition. Kenner sold the molds and rights to a Brazilian toy company and this figure was never sold outside Brazil. If a collector can find one loose it would be about $4,000 dollars. If one still exists in the box, it could be worth several hundred thousand dollars.