Red Vet up at Sci Phi Journal


My story “Red Vet” up complete and free to read at Sci Phi Journal.

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Sci-Phi journal is now free online. If you want more content it is a mere $4.00 a month, through Pateron.

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My story, now free and complete is here:


Great Review of Hoplite at Tangent.

Patrick S. Baker‘s “Hoplite” is an example of military science fiction at it’s finest. A war veteran, his insider knowledge and experience shines through in the depth and realism of the battle sequences and the technical and military lexicon. Often it is the little details that can make or break a scene, and Baker breaks none. The story is narrated by the ship’s AI, Hoplite, an Assault Carrier that has entered a system and found the human settlements destroyed by an unknown enemy. “Hoplite” questions the ideas and notions around bravery, making the readers ask themselves who decides what bravery is, and how does one recognize it?